Wednesday, June 12 – Wednesday, August 28

Faith for Worship: O Come Let Us Worship (Sanctuary)

This group will explore, practice and experience the proclamation to “O Come Let us Worship” in public and small group worship. We will sharpen worship leaders, musician and all people in leading others through the courts of heaven. It is for worship leaders, musicians and all people destined for the Secret Place. + La Fayette Scales, Facilitator and some special guests.

Faithful Men (Welcome Center)

Our 9 weeks involves our discussing with men the various things it takes to be Faithful Men: spiritually, mentally and physically. Our diverse sessions will involve various men “facilitating” topics such as:

  • Purpose
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Healthy Financial Practices and Planning
  • There is a Doctor in the House
  • Fight for Your Family
  • Forgiveness and Releasing
  • Faithfulness
  • Knowing What You Have
  • Integrity

I Got Next: Strategizing for Advancement (Chapel)

The Leadership Development Series is back for Round 2.

Again, designed for Millennials and Gen-Xers, our time together is structured to provoke thoughts, discussion and ACTION. Our focus is geared specifically to those who are interested in successfully forging ahead in their careers and their callings from God. It will not only provide information but offers the opportunity to put to practice concepts of strategic thinking and planning on this journey to being a better and more forward leader.

Faith for the Journey of Womanhood (208 and 209)

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith ~ Heb 12:2
Multigenerational Women will facilitate each week’s classes to empower us to embrace, endure and enjoy the journey of faith.  Any questions see Anita Dawson.