God is continuing to bless Rhema Christian Center with an active and growing emerging adult ministry. In an ever changing postmodern culture that is seeking to keep a generation in perpetual childhood. We are seeking God to break through that ideology and truly become counter-culture. (I Corinthians 13:11)

Our Accomplishments

• Continued to reach the lost outside the walls of our congregation to impact our city.
• Participated in acts of service to the local community.
• Partnered with New Generation youth ministry to provide servant evangelism to the Appalachian Territories in West Virginia.

Other Acts of Service

• Served the youth department of RCC by providing direct support to the Pastor of Youth for various activities such as the Lock-in, VisionQuest, Youth Conference, The Alternative, and other events as needed.
• Their sacrifice of time and service was a much-appreciated investment that provided a boost of encouragement to the teen-men and teen-women of our congregation.

Our Focus

• Embarked upon a time of refueling, refection, and revision.
• Set goals and established a game plan that will take us into 2020 with a renewed sense of focus and relevance.

Our Goal

To continue seeking out God’s will for our lives in a safe and supportive environment that allows emerging adults to discover, experiment, grasp, and journey to understand this concept in our culture called “adulthood”.

Catching up on campus